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Our Services

CityScape landcaping

Design / Architecture

With over 20 years of design experience, our design team specializes in custom residential, commercial, and municipal landscape


CityScape Landscaping has successfully completed over 1000 projects across Calgary. We have the experience, talent, and staff to exceed your expectations.


Our Landscape Division works in conjunction with the Design Team to provide our clients with high quality landscaping work.

More Services

Backyard/Front yard

Driveways / roads

Irrigation - Highly Efficient Systems.

Concrete Cutting


Snow Removal

Patios / Firepits


We supply and install quality of LED low voltage light for most of our jobs to create different view and environment at night for trees, shrubs, pools and water features.


Offering residential driveway snow blowing, as well as commercial parking lot and sidewalk maintenance.


Expand your gardening possibilities. Enhance your property value. Arbors and Pergolas, Decks, Fences, General Carpentry.



We offer a highly efficient irrigatio system. We build and design fountains and Waterfalls for front yard and Backyard.


Using natural stone for your pathways, patios, garden bed walls, and ponds can add timeless beauty to your front or back yard.


Quality paving stone installations. We take the time to install your paving stones the right way. We can install a first class paving stone patio for your front or back yard.

Why choose us?


CityScape Landscaping doesn't subcontract any of the work. We provide all the services within our company. We have been dedicated to serving the Calgary area since 1998. We have gained valuable experience in landscaping and consider our company to be leaders in the landscaping industry in Calgary.


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Our Portfolio

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Dry river bed with stone bridge / pathway rundle

Dry river bed with stone bridge / pathway rundle

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Firepit Landscaping

Firepit / Sitting area

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Landscaping Construction

Building 4 acres subdivision

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Pool Landscaping

Sitting area for the pool

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Stone Design / Cutting Landscaping

Wood swing bench / Stone Design / Hamac

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Pond landcaping and Waterfall Landscaping

Custom built pond with miniature waterfall

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Waterfall landscaping and Pond Landscaping

Gerry Forbes Waterfall / Pond

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Swimming Pool Landscaping and construction Landscaping

Swimming Pool design / Construction project

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Waterfall landscaping and Pond Landscaping

Gerry Forbes Waterfall and Pond

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Outdoor Kitchen Landscaping - barbecue landscaping

Outdoor Kitchen / Barbecue / Fridge

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Patio Landscaping - Lounge Landcaping - Construction Landscaping

Patio Lounge Design / Construction

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Pond design Landscaping - Construction Landscaping

Pond design / construction

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Custom cut Pattern stone landscaping

Custom Cut Pattern Design / Build

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Planters Landscaping and tree landscaping


CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Artificial Turf Landscaping

Artificial Turf

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Firepit Landscaping


CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Pool Design and construction Landscaping

Pool design and construction

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - pool design landscaping and pool building landscaping

Pool design / Build

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Brick patio design landscaping

Brick Patio Design / Build

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Patio landscaping - Stone landscaping - concrete cutting Landscaping

Patio / Stone / concrete cutting with beautiful landscape

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Patio and pool Landscaping

Custom Patio around the pool

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Concrete Landscaping

Concrete Work

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - patio Landscaping and lounge landscaping

2/3 patio and lounge

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Patio Landscaping and firepit landscaping

Patio with firepit design and build

What our clients say?

"CityScape a notch above the rest"
Stephen Ames
Pro Golfer

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - Stephen Ames

"CityScape did an amazing job on designing/building my backyard"
Nabil Filali
Calgary Resident

CityScape Landscaping Calgary

"Cityscape were professional and friendly, did an outstanding job"
Gerry Forbes
CJ 92 radio personality

CityScape Landscaping Calgary - cj 92 - gerry forbes

Do you have Questions?


Here are some commonly asked questions about different aspects of landscaping

Automatic irrigation systems are convenient, especially for those who travel. About the only con one can list for them is that, initially, they cost more than the alternative. But if installed and programmed properly, they can even save you money in the long run and help in water conservation. Dead lawn grass and plants need to be replaced, and that can be expensive; if automation can save you this expense, it is already well on the way to paying for itself.


But the pros of having sprinklers installed can go beyond that. Watering with a hose or with an oscillator wastes water. Neither method targets plant roots with any significant degree of precision. Automatic irrigation systems can be programmed to discharge more precise amounts of water in a targeted area, which promotes water conservation (which saves you money).

You are in the planning stages of having a new driveway installed. In pondering the different types of materials that contractors use, trying to decide on which kind is best for your own unique situation and needs, you wonder why so many homeowners have asphalt as a driveway surface. What are its good points? What are the disadvantages in having this type of surface?


All driveway materials have their pros and cons. Asphalt paving is no different as a surface, in this respect, from any other kind of driveway. There are, however, more good points than bad points in having an asphalt driveway. In fact, there is only one major drawback to report, so let's get that out of the way right away: Asphalt driveways are relatively high in maintenance. If you have been around a fair amount of asphalt surfaces over the years, observing what happens to them over time, you no doubt know that asphalt has a tendency to crack, unless sealed faithfully (see below). Sealing costs money, especially if you have somebody else do the job for you. And as much as it costs to have an asphalt driveway sealed, not sealing it will eventually prove even more costly, because then you will have to repair (or hire somebody else to repair) the cracking that results from not sealing your driveway on time. Luckily, there are more good points to report concerning asphalt driveways than there are bad points. To highlight some of these good points, let's do a comparison between asphalt paving as a driveway surface versus concrete. Here are the pros of asphalt paving:

- It is less prone to frost heaves than is concrete.

- It offers superior ease of snow removal.

- Both asphalt and concrete do offer decorative options, although the latter offers more.

- Unlike concrete, it can be re-layered.

- Asphalt paving is cheaper to install than is concrete.

- While asphalt is high-maintenance, repair work on it is at least easier for the DIY'er to perform than is the case with repairs to concrete.

Heated driveways, also called "snow-melting systems," are a technological alternative to shoveling, salting, snow plowing, snow blowing and other snow-removal methods. With most snow-melting systems, tubing is run under the driveway (and walkways, patios and porch steps, too, if you like). Heated water is pumped through the tubing.


The water in heated driveway systems is mixed with an anti-freeze (glycol). Heat radiates up from the tubing to the surface of your driveway, melting away snow and ice. Drains catch the liquid run-off thereby produced, channeling the water away from your driveway.

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Established in 1998, CityScape Landscaping Inc. has been providing landscape-construction design / build services in the City of Calgary for more than 20 years. Our highly trained and skilled team is comprised of executive and project management, construction crews, and support staff who possess more than 50 years of experience in this industry.


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